Expedited Probate Docket Announced for Davidson County Probate Court

There is good news for those who may be worried about having to go through the probate process in Tennessee. Certain types of probate cases in Davidson County just got their own fast track as a means to speed up the probate process in the courts. Davidson County Trial Courts recently approved the establishment of an expedited probate docket. The courts also established Special Probate Masters to preside over the newly established expedited dockets. This expedited probate docket started earlier this month on August 16.

Many people may have negative thoughts whenever the word “probate” is merely mentioned. Probate has notoriously been thought of as a long and slow process by many. While there are not any typical timelines with probate cases, some cases can end up lasting years. Because of that fact, an expedited probate docket is welcome to many who may have to utilize the probate court system.

You may be wondering what types of probate cases will be using the expedited docket. The appointed Special Probate Masters will hear uncontested probate matters which include any name change petitions, small estate administrative proceedings, petitions to administer intestate estates, petition to probate wills, codicils, or other testamentary instruments. Davidson County Probate Court handles more uncontested probate matters than any other court in Tennessee.

It is the hope that the expedited probate docket will allow people to have their day in court as soon as possible. In addition, the expedited docket will allow the court to dedicate more time for the trial of any contested matters that may include estates and conservatorships.

If you have any questions about probate matters in Nashville or anywhere else in Tennessee, feel free to contact our team of Tennessee probate lawyers at The Higgins Firm. We would be happy to provide any help that we can.

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