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Every week there seems to be something that comes up in the news regarding the latest antics of some Hollywood star. Whether it involves a brush with the law, some type of dangerous behavior, or any other bizarre act, some stars seem to go looking for trouble. However, when this behavior becomes constant, many people close to the individual become concerned and look into potential options to help.

Actress Amanda Bynes has had her name in the headlines continuously over the past few months due to a series of bizarre behaviors including multiple arrests. However, her latest incident may have been the final tipping point for her to get the help that she needs. Several news outlets reported that Bynes soaked her dog in gasoline and set her pants on fire in the driveway of an elderly woman. The actress then reportedly fled the scene, attempted to wash her dog at a nearby store, and then ran off again. The police then picked her up and had the 27-year-old committed to a psychiatric facility for mental health treatment.

As a result of the latest incident, her parents have filed for conservatorship over her. While many people think that this should have occurred long ago, filing for conservatorship is something that is never taken lightly. A conservatorship is a legal proceeding that seeks to protect an adult by granting legal authority to another person, the conservator, to manage his or her affairs. The conservator is granted the right to make even some of the most basic decisions of the individual in his or her care like where they may live, what they can spend money on, or who they may spend time with.

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